About Soul Drifter Guitars

Soul Drifter Guitars was created to make unique, vintage guitars accessible for you.  

When Ricardo and Armando met in 2010, they discovered a uniquely shared love for vintage guitars. Quickly, they discovered that this passion did not come cheap or easy. They found themselves combing the internet and local shops to find the right guitar at the right price, whether it was for themselves or their friends. In that moment, they realized they were looking for something else too--a community. 
Enter Soul Drifter. Ricardo and Armando shared a vision to create an affordable marketplace that could bring together a global community of vintage guitar enthusiasts.
Whether you’re looking for your next instrument, finding an event to be inspired by, or just browsing, we hope to welcome you into a community of music and conversation.  
When you buy a Soul Drifter guitar, you can be confident that you are engaging with a community committed to buying and selling used, vintage guitars that are both unique and affordable. 

Ricardo's Soul Drifter

Gibson Custom Shop 1968 Les Paul Custom Historic Reissue 

How did you find it? One evening about 5 years ago, out of boredom, I spent 3-4 hrs combing through guitars online. Instead of searching for specific brands or models, I sorted by price, trying to find a good deal. I wasn't looking for a specific guitar, I wasn't really into Les Pauls at the time, but I saw it and I knew it was too good of a deal to pass up. When I got it a few weeks later, I made some minor modifications and I fell in love!

Was it a good deal? I've seen this same guitar for up to $10k AUD on Reverb. I got it for under $4k. I know guitar players love that feeling. I want Soul Drifter Guitars to help create that feeling for our community.

Armando’s Soul Drifter 

Music Man 2012 StingRay 3 EQ HH Honey Burst

How did you find it? Extensive online research. I knew I wanted a Music Man but at the time, they were hard to come by in Australia without paying huge markups. There was something about the Honey Burst color that I was obsessed with. So I didn’t stop until I found one I could afford. I still don’t see these often, so I know I’ll never part with this one!

Was it a good deal? I found out that Musician’s Friend (relatively unknown here at the time) had started shipping to Australia. With the great exchange rate, I ended up paying over $1000 less than the retail price in local shops.