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Burny SG-90P Musicians License Model Tatsumakino Pie (Aura) SG Yellow 1991

Burny SG-90P Musicians License Model Tatsumakino Pie (Aura) SG Yellow 1991

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A very special find, the Burny SG-90P is a rare Musicians License model for Tatsumakino Pie, the lead guitarist of Melodic Metal visual-kei band Aura. A Japanese-made SG-shaped guitar that exudes the unique, flamboyant style of its name-bearer. This beauty features a solid mahogany body and neck, an Indian rosewood fretboard with trapezoid inlays, original vintage style tuners and iconic VH-1 pickups, delivering a classic and authentic tone that's perfect for a variety of musical genres.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Burny SG-90P is pure rock through and through. Its Yellow finish and timeless design make it a standout piece, while the combination of quality materials and VH-1 pickups ensures a rich and resonant sound that stands the test of time. 

Condition: Some minor dings and scratches, a few on the front that are harder to see unless up close. One chip on the back on the bottom horn. Aging / discoloration marks around a sticker that was removed.

Frets: 8/10 

Model: Burny SG-90P 

Made: Japan

Finish: Yellow

Body:  Mahogany 

Neck: Mahogany and Indian Rosewood Fingerboard

Mods: n/a

Pickup: 2 x Burny VH-1 Humbuckers

Case: Free Gigbag

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