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Edwards by ESP E-LP-92 CD Antique White EMGs James Hetfield

Edwards by ESP E-LP-92 CD Antique White EMGs James Hetfield

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I've got a real beauty to introduce you to today - the Edwards by ESP E-LP-92 CD in a sleek Antique White finish. This guitar is a real looker, but it's not just about the aesthetics. Let me give you the lowdown on what this axe is all about because Papa Het would be proud!

First off, let's talk about the body. The E-LP-92 CD boasts a Mahogany body that really gives it a warm, full-bodied sound. It's got some weight to it, but it's not too heavy - just enough to make it feel substantial and well-crafted. The Antique White finish with contrasting blacked out hardware really gives it a classic look that's sure to turn heads. 

Now, let's move on to the neck. The Mahogany with Rosewood Fingerboard neck is smooth and comfortable to play on. It's got a nice thickness to it that makes it feel substantial, but it's not too chunky. The Rosewood Fingerboard adds a touch of brightness to the sound, and it's a joy to play on.

Next up, the pickups. The E-LP-92 CD is equipped with pickups that really do justice to its rich, warm sound. Whether you're playing clean or cranking up the distortion, these pickups deliver a sweet, sweet tone that's sure to satisfy. They're perfect for rock, blues, jazz - you name it.

Finally, the Gotoh tuners. These are top-notch tuners that keep your guitar in tune no matter what. They're smooth and easy to use, and they really help to keep the guitar's tone stable and consistent.

All in all, the Edwards by ESP E-LP-92 CD is a seriously impressive guitar. It's got a classic look, a warm and full-bodied sound, and top-quality components that really make it shine. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this guitar is definitely worth checking out.

Condition: Some minor dings and scratches. Nothing that would be visible unless you are looking up close.
Playability: Straight neck, no buzzing, almost no fret wear, action is comfortable, no issues with electronics
Model: E-LP-92 CD
Finish: Antique White
Made In: Japan
Body Material: Mahogany
Neck Material: Mahogany with Rosewood Fingerboard
Mods: n/a
Pickups: EMG Humbucker x 2
Weight: 4.2 kg
Case: Free Padded Gig Bag

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