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Fender Japan Jazz Bass JB-75 Cherry Sunburst Rare Color w/ Matching Headstock

Fender Japan Jazz Bass JB-75 Cherry Sunburst Rare Color w/ Matching Headstock

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We have seen a few JB-75s, we have seen Cherry Sunburst, we have seen matching headstocks, but this is the first time we come across a bass that combines all that into one package and what a package it is!

These '75 models are handsome to say the least; the bound board with light blocks and the bold logos really make the classic curves pop. This one is sporting the classic maple board, which combined with the ash body, offers a terrific amount of attack and definition to the tone. This really does sound amazing; the USA pickups deliver amazing clarity and the ash body and high mass bridge mean you've got all the growl, spank and cut you could ever want on top of the trademark Jazz rumble and thump. 

It's no exaggeration to say that this will easily outperform most USA-made basses in terms of tone, feel and finish quality. The slim 70s-style neck feels amazing in the hands; it's instantly familiar and reassuring. The cherry burst finish is loud and proud and it really lets the stunning tight grain of the ash shine through. 

This bass is for those that want a tone monster that plays smooth and easy.

Condition: Noticeable dings on the headstock, some chips and  imperfections on the body.

Playability: Straight neck, no buzzing, action is comfortable, no issues with electronics.

Model: Fender Japan Jazz Bass JB-75

Made: Japan 

Finish: Cherry Sunburst

Body: Ash

Neck: Maple

Weight: 4.8 kg

Mods: n/a

Pickups: Fender USA Vintage JB Single Coils

Case: Free Gig Bag
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