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Fender Japan Stratocaster ST54-95LS Torino Red

Fender Japan Stratocaster ST54-95LS Torino Red

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A brilliant, made in Japan Fender '54 Strat in Torino Red. Here you have it,, we have an example of just how good an MIJ Strat can be. This model is styled after the signature Eric Clapton models from the era. Setting it aside from standard models it gets a deluxe vibrato, an alder body and a set of Lace Sensor Gold pickups. Those combine for a tone with clarity and chime in abundance; all balanced with a rounded warm bass and a full midrange. 

This will easily match or surpass most USA instruments in tone and feel; it's a great sounding Strat. The soft-V neck is slim and comfy; perfect if you're a habitual thumb-over-hanger and an great match for lead playing. The quality of maple and alder on offer here is one of the hallmarks of early MIJ instruments.

The workmanship on offer is exceptional; everything is exactly how it should be and that adds up to a feeling of ease and confidence in the hands. This model was mostly only offered in black, so scoring an example in a superb non-catalog finish is a rare treat. The red is vibrant and pops perfectly against the naturally aged hardware and plastics and the golden maple board; plus it's in crazy-clean condition for a guitar that is almost 30 years old. 

Condition: Some very minor scratches, only noticeable when looking up close. Barely noticeable grooving on the back from rubbing up against belt.

Playability: Straight neck, no buzzing, very little fret wear, action is comfortable, no issues with electronics

Model: Fender Stratocaster, '54 Reissue (ST54-85LS) 

Finish: Torino red (TRD) 

Body: Alder

Neck: One-piece maple, soft-V profile, 7.25" radius, 25.5" scale

Weight: 3.570 kg

Pickups: Lace Sensor Gold single coils

Case: Free Fender gig bag
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