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Keeley True Bypass Looper

Keeley True Bypass Looper

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An awesome little utility switcher that barely takes up any precious real estate on your board. Here is some info from the Keeley brochure:

As with all Keeley Electronics products, the unit has plenty of features and flexibility. The Keeley Looper features are listed here: 

  • Make an effect or group of effects True-Bypass 
  • Use as a tuner switch to mute during tuning 
  • Use as an effects looper switcher, switch in multiple effects! 
  • Operates with or without power 
  • Dual LED indicators to let you know what mode you are in 
  • Resistors added to keep “switch pop” to a minimum 
  • Stamped Serial Number

The Looper allows you to connect an effect (and that effect can always be left on!) to the upper set of jacks and then connect your guitar to the right hand lower jack and your amp to the lower left hand jack. The upper right hand jack is the Send and goes to the input of the effect you want to make true-bypass. The upper left hand jack is the Return and connects to the output of the effect. 

  • A RED LED lets you know the effect is in truebypass. 
  • A BLUE LED lets you know that your sound is passing through the effect loop.


Condition: Used, very minior dings and chips, otherwise in perfect working condition

Model: Keeley True Bypass Looper

Made: USA

Type: Switcher (Looper)

Power: 9V

Mods: none

Accessories: no box or manual

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