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Sonic Nature

Sonic Nature GR5 Titanium Fine-Tuning Screws - Purple

Sonic Nature GR5 Titanium Fine-Tuning Screws - Purple

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Introducing Sonic Nature's Titanium Fine-Tuning Screws for Floyd Rose bridges. Crafted from high-grade GR5 titanium, these screws offer unmatched durability and stability. Experience effortless fine-tuning with enhanced resonance and sustain, thanks to titanium's lightweight properties. Say goodbye to rust and wear, as titanium ensures long-lasting performance. 

Compatibility: Screw heads are 10mm wide. Sonic Nature Titanium Hardware is compatible with most Floyd Rose and Floyd Rose License Bridge Systems. 

Installation: It is the buyer's responsibility to install these carefully. Press down lightly on your string lock screw and slowly screw in the fine-tuning screw for the best results. Each fine-tuning screw is tested thoroughly for fit on a new bridge. Fine-tuning screws wear bridges over time and threads can become worn making it hard to fit new screws. Returns on this product are not accepted.


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