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Top Tone DriveGate Fuzz Dave Gilmour Big Muff DG-1

Top Tone DriveGate Fuzz Dave Gilmour Big Muff DG-1

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The Drive Gate, the first pedal in the TopTone line, is the culmination of many years of working the custom effect pedal field. The DG-1 is an exceptionally well-defined and full-bodied distortion. Based on the classic four transistor, sustaining Big Muff circuits of the 1970's, the DG-1 is heavily refined and improved, similar modifications made by Pete Cornish to David Gilmour in the Big Muff, overcoming the limitations of those traditional mid-scooped circuits.

The enhanced tone control covers a wide tone spectrum, with a well defined mid range, and no unusable settings in the tone control sweep. The Sustain control ranges from a light overdrive fuzz to full-on, high gain distortion. Perfect for classic drive, modern lead tones, or high powered, but very articulate powerchords. The circuit is very responsive to pick attack, allowing subtle soloing or aggressive, blistering leads, with excellent harmonics. The tone and sustain controls are also very interactive. Adjusting one alters the characteristics of the other, giving a wide range of tonal possibilities.

Top Tone Drive Gate DG-1 Fuzz Features: True By-Pass, avoiding signal loss; Extremely reinforced aluminum box; LED of high brightness/low consumption; Totally handmade with components selected and tested individually; Low consumption: 1,8mA when in Stand by position and 4,8mA when working; The power supply connector in front, 2.1mm as Boss pattern; Dimensions: 1.5" x 2.6" x 4.8" (40x66x122mm); Covered with polycarbonate adhesive, very tough;

Condition notes: used, few marks, good condition, adhesive / velcro marks on the bottom

Power: standard 9v negative supply or 9v battery (not included)

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