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Attak Pik - Blade X

Attak Pik - Blade X

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The perfect fusion of two best-selling picks: Stealth XL & Blade. The ergonomic Stealth model grip, combined with a refined version of the Blade model tip structure brings a fresh new addition to the Arsenal.

Additional benefits:

  • An elongated flat tip allows the feel of a flat pick if the player does not wish to make contact with the ridges. 
  • Stealth model grip prevents slippage and cradles the thumb and fingers in place.
  • Increased thickness and rigidity helps create a darker, fuller sound compared to Blade models when strumming. 
  • When picking, the player can use the ridges and valleys to catch the string and pull, creating a plucking sound similar to Blade models.
  • Flat-top nubs allow for even more improved grip.

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