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FU-Tone Light Duty Silent Springs (3) - Yellow

FU-Tone Light Duty Silent Springs (3) - Yellow

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Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout., The ORIGINAL Noiseless Spring Company, is proud to announce the expansion of our noiseless spring options!

Our Noiseless Springs have a polymer coating and a foam core that stops that annoying spring noise which masks your tone!

Overall spring tension is determined by the number of springs AND the position of the claw.

· Uncoated Heavy Duty Springs – A good option for those who like a traditional spring sound.

· YELLOW – Super soft, noiseless and springy!

· BLACK – Traditional or Standard Tension with the added Noiseless Feature!

· RED – Our Most Popular Noiseless Spring. Heavy Duty Tension and Silent!

· PURPLE – Super Heavy Duty and Noiseless!

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