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Helix Knobs V2 Solid Aluminum Replacement Knob Set - Black

Helix Knobs V2 Solid Aluminum Replacement Knob Set - Black

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How do you upgrade a knob?  The Helix Knobs V2 has a few new features!

  •  Diagonal Cross-hatch Knurling
  •  Contrasting lines that traverse the top and sides of the volume knobs
  •  More vibrant colors (unless you want black or silver.  Those are not more vibrant)

Add some style to your Line 6®  Helix®  Floor, Helix Rack or Helix LT with this knob set.

This set can also be used with the Helix Stomp, with the added benefit of some additional knobs that you can use for other pedals or an instrument with a 6mm potentiometer shaft. 

These knobs are durable, beautiful and machined from solid aluminum to directly replace the stock knobs on a Helix.  

The set includes:

  • (1) 35mm master volume knob 
  • (1) 20mm headphone volume knob 
  • (2) 20mm encoder knobs 
  • (6) 12mm encoder knobs 
  • (1) Hex Wrench

Each knob has knurled edges and a textured top and feature a set screw to secure the knob to your Helix.

These knobs will work with any potentiometer with a 6mm shaft.

Line 6® and Helix® are registered trademarks of Yamaha Guitar Group.

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