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Ibanez Roadster Series RS 100 Ivory 1979

Ibanez Roadster Series RS 100 Ivory 1979

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When the Roadster series came out, the base model RS-100 cranked out staggering tones. This one has been well-loved for over 40 years and is still rocking. If you are looking for a swiss-army single-coil weapon, this could be your next go-to axe!

Here is some info straight from the Ibanez brochure for the RS series:

Accu-Cast Bridge Tailpiece: The weak point of many guitars of this type has been flimsy stamped bridge parts. The Roadster features a new Ibanez design, the precision Accu-Cast bridge. This bridge tailpiece features a united sustain block and through-the-body string loading. Each bridge insert is individually adjustable for both height and intonation length.

Super 6 and Super-Tap 6 Pickups: Single coil pickups have often been criticized as being thin and weak sounding. The RS-100 features Super 6 pickups, the hottest single coils of their type ever to scream a hot lick. Wound with twice the windings of conventional single coils, and with a new magnet structure, the Super 6 delivers its awesome output with clarity, fullness and excellent top end.

...and Now the Fine Points: The Roadster Series also features many details that combine to make it the most advanced high-performance guitar of its type available anywhere. The slim maple neck is satin finished for smooth and effortless playing and is fitted with Ibanez Velve-Touch frets to make the action even more buttery. A solid brass nut is hand-fitted to the fingerboard to improve sustain and brilliance. The list goes on, so check out a Roadster for the ride of your life.


Condition: Dings and scratches on body and neck (see pictures). Happy to provide more details upon request. Replacement pickup selector tip installed

Playability: Straight neck, no buzzing, light fret wear, action is comfortable, no issues with electronics

Model: Ibanez Roadster Series RS 100

Made: Japan

Finish: Ivory

Body: Ibanez Roadster Series RS 100

Neck: Rock maple


Mods: n/a

Pickups: Super 6 Single-Coils

Case: Free G&G-style hardshell case

Extra: Awesome pink pick holder on the back of the headstock

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