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KTS Titanium Neck Joint Plate for Guitar and Bass

KTS Titanium Neck Joint Plate for Guitar and Bass

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KTS Tone-Resonant Titanium guitar parts are highly regarded by many musicians and builders around the world, and are an easy solution to upgrade electric guitars and basses without having to make any major modifications. KTS's Tone-Resonant Titanium provides satisfyingly long sustain, immediate attack response, and a clear and defined sound that will take your tonal palette to the next level.

Unleash the full potential of your guitar with the Titanium Tone Neck Plate. Crafted from lightweight yet robust titanium, this precision-engineered plate enhances string vibration for a richer, more resonant tone. Its increased thickness provides unparalleled support for screws, promoting stability and robustness, resulting in improved sustain and a noticeable rise in sound quality.

Experience heightened dynamic playability and expressiveness as this neck plate maximizes string vibration, creating a more profound musical experience. Elevate your guitar's performance to new heights with the Titanium Tone Neck Plate, where cutting-edge design meets unmatched sonic enhancement.

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