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Maxon AD999 Analog Delay

Maxon AD999 Analog Delay

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The AD999’s Delay tone is pure analog heaven – rich, round and three-dimensional, it reacts to your playing and breathes life into your performance.

The AD999 is loaded with eight custom Bucket Brigade IC’s for 900 milliseconds of warm, organic analog tone.  These BBD’s are clocked extremely low to achieve the longest delay time possible, creating a HUGE delay tone that recalls early 70’s Pink Floyd with stunning accuracy.

Condition notes: nicks and scratches but very solid condition, one screw missing from bottom doesn’t impact sound or build

Model: Maxon AD999 Analog Delay

Type: Delay

Power: standard 9v negative supply or 9v battery (not included)

Mods: none

Accessories: n/a

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