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Maxon SM-9 Super Metal

Maxon SM-9 Super Metal

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A pedal with an ‘edge’ knob and a ‘punch’ knob? I’m listening. This Maxon stompbox will deliver the chunkiest, chuggiest metal sounds straight from the 80s into your favourite amp. 

More info from Maxon:

As Ibanez's parent company, the Maxon SM-9 features the same PCB layout and sturdy enclosure, producing the famous thrash metal sound that replicates an overdriven high wattage amp so well. The pedal can scoop or boost the midrange and uses a pair of JRC4558 IC's to push a huge range of mid to high gain sonic textures with five knobs for ample tone shaping possibilities.

Condition notes: used, few marks, Maxon sticker on the left side (leaving on because it’s very cool!)

Model: Maxon SM-9 Super Metal

Made: Japan

Type: High Gain Distortion

Power: standard 9v negative supply or 9v battery (not included)

Mods: none

Accessories: no box or manual
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