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Orville LPC-75 Les Paul Custom Ebony K Serial

Orville LPC-75 Les Paul Custom Ebony K Serial

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Orville (オービル), was a brand of guitars that was managed by the Gibson Guitar Corporation for the Japanese market during the late 1980s and most of the 1990s. The name is borrowed from Orville Gibson, who founded Gibson in 1902.

Now that that is out of the way, this guitar has every bit the look and sound of the classic Les Pauls at a price point that is a lot easier on the wallet. This has been an absolute joy to play and looks just as sweet.

The neck is chunky but comfortable, the body is well balanced and resonant, hardware looks and feels high quality and most importantly, the pickups sing, taking any mid-junky straight to heaven.

The guitar overall is in great condition for being almost 30. We really want this one to go to a good, loving home where it will get played every day for the next 30 years.

Condition: Some minor dings and chips, most only visible from up close, one ding on the neck that does not impact playability or feel at all, otherwise excellent quality

Playability: Straight neck, no buzzing, some fret wear, action is comfortable, no issues with electronics

Model: Orville LPC-75

Made: Japan

Finish: Ebony

Body: Mahogany

Neck: Mahogany w/Rosewood Fingerboard

Mods: Pickguard has been removed (non-original grey pickguard included), witch hat knobs have been added

Pickup: 2 x Humbucker

Weight: 4.4 kg

Case: Free gigbag

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