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Sonic Nature

Sonic Nature Locking Tremolo Blocker Padded Setup Tool

Sonic Nature Locking Tremolo Blocker Padded Setup Tool

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Cut down the time and guess work required to setup or change the strings on a guitar with a locking bridge.

The Sonic Nature Tremolo Blocker ensures that your guitar's locking bridge remains stable and secure while you tune up or set up your instrument. The soft padding on the blocker provides a gentle yet firm grip, preventing any slippage or damage to the delicate surface of your guitar. With its sleek and compact design, it seamlessly fits into your guitar setup kit, making it a must-have tool for every guitarist's arsenal.

Pop the Padded Tremolo Blocker between the body of your guitar and the string lock screws of the bridge. Change the strings, tune up and pop it out. The bridge will stay perfectly flat, eliminating the need to adjust springs, claws, bridge posts etc.

Gone are the days of struggling with tuning instability and unpredictable setups. With the Padded Tremolo Blocker, you can achieve precise and consistent string height every time.

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