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Tokai TCO-1 Compressor

Tokai TCO-1 Compressor

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A great way to get your hands on a high-quality compressor that won’t break the bank. Here is some info from the original Tokai brochure:

This 1980's Japanese made Tokai TCO-1 Compressor produces a clear sustain effect without distorting the original sound. Attack time may be widely varied, providing a driving sound for every kind of phrase, as well as creating a natural, clear, long sustain. 

  • Sustain: This knob controls the sustain lenght. Turning it to the right increases the sustain effect.
  • Level: This knob regulates the output level of the effect sound. It determines the balance between the effect sound and normal sound.
  • Attack: This knob regulates the strenght and weakness of the attack sound when picking. Turning it to the right strenghtens the attack sound.

Condition: Used, some minor dings and chips, otherwise in great shape

Model: Tokai TCO-1

Made: Japan

Type: Compressor

Power: standard 9v negative supply or 9v battery (not included)

Mods: none

Accessories: no box or manual
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