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Yamaha SG-1000 Cherry Sunburst 1980’s

Yamaha SG-1000 Cherry Sunburst 1980’s

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Original vintage c 1980 Yamaha SG-1000. We are huge vintage Yamaha guitar fans and the SG reigns supreme among them. The amount of detail and craftsmanship that Yamaha was offering at this guitar’s original price point is insane. According to many opinions out there, these killed any Gibson of the same period when it came to build quality. Not surprising for an early 80’s Japanese guitar that was considered a brand flagship. 

Think of it as a guitar with all the feel and weight of a Les Paul, the looks of an SG and the versatility of well, all of the above and more.

Featuring a chunky yet comfortable 1960s-style neck with bound ebony fretboard and mother of pearl inlays. The combination of a hefty body with the Yamaha humbuckers produces booming, resonant tones that just seem to keep going. 

If you don’t already know about Yamaha SG’s, do yourself a favor and try one out. We are happy to arrange it if you are local in Sydney. 

Condition: Dings and chips that you would expect in a guitar that is at least 30 years old. Does not include original pickguard. 

Playability: Straight neck, no buzzing, some fret wear, action is comfortable, no issues with electronics. Tone pot (originally push-pull) has been replaced with Gibson-style pot. Neck pickup still push-pull.

Model: Yamaha SG-1000

Made: Japan

Finish: Cherry Sunburst

Body: Maple top

Neck: Mahogany w/Rosewood Fingerboard

Mods: n/a

Pickup: 2 x Yamaha Humbucker

Case: Free gig bag included

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